Dear Editor,
What is happening to our city?  Such as the ex-fifth grade teacher from Hollister who worked in Morgan Hill allegedly drugging kids five and under to put them to sleep.  That is horrible. And Just like the treasure for the Hollister heats softball, embezzling all that money from innocent kids. Who pays for that?  The people of the city does, Our reputation and she got off easy.  Now another one! The martial arts instructor, suspected of raping a young girl under 14 years old. This is crazy! That should be an eye opener! How about the innocent mother who was murdered in our city, being forced to leave her children behind? And now a lot of teachers our coming up more and more as predators. If you look at the whole picture, we have to be more involved as a community. We need to be aware of everything, of the people, parents, businesses, children, employees, things should be more thorough.
One of our main focuses should be on our kids. We are failing in that area. We should be protecting our kids. Where are the K9’s? to make sure our kids our protected in our schools from, drugs, guns, bombs, things that are happening every day. We should have metal detectors, wands if we have to! We need to help them and give them a chance to make it.  This is the new generation, but we need to provide committees and implement them. Such as the oversight committee they have been talking about which still has not took place.
Another thing is wasteful spending. More than twenty thousand dollars a year for a newsletter, and they don’t want to be responsible and giving away revenue to the Free Lance but not to the people in our community. I would think they would want to create revenue for that spending. Isn’t there any better ideas?  We need to focus and have better boundaries. I’ve said it before the community needs to take part and TAKE ACTION! We need to get our city on the right track.  To the city council, I feel at the city council forum it should be five minutes not three minutes to talk, that’s hardly enough time to get out what you need to say. The way they do things it doesn’t make since.   Thank you. [email protected] – thank you all for your input. Keep it coming.           
Someone who cares for my community,
Keith Snow, Hollister

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