Hollister resident Rob Bernosky ran for State Assembly in 2012. He is regional vice-chair of the California GOP.

One of the comments that I have heard frequently is that there is nothing for the kids to do here.  I wish to dispel that myth with the following recent observations.
As I write this on a recent Sunday morning, our 16 year old son is preparing to go to the high school for a special practice session led by his teacher to prepare for end-of-year tests. I am not sure whether the teacher is being paid or not, but the point is that such things happen when there is demonstrated interest by the students.  Academics are important to San Benito County.
This afternoon there is a 16-year-old girl we know who will be going over to the Methodist church. On her own initiative, she began a program to feed the homeless of Hollister Sunday dinner. Awesome.
Yesterday, my wife and I went to Gonzalez for a wrestling tournament for middle school aged kids. Never having been to one before, a lot caught my attention.  Most of all it was the sea of kids all incredibly well behaved with and towards each other, while in competition and when off the mats. Sixteen teams were represented, including two from San Benito County.
Last weekend, my wife and I went to see Little Mermaid put on by the San Benito County Stage Company. Many kids doing their best, having been to rehearsals, costume making, stage building, and then singing, dancing, and reciting their memorized lines in front of the community. As is the tradition, all the child actors rush to street and thank all the theater-goers as they depart. Beautiful. Courteous. Well-behaved. Engaged.
The week before, I happened to stumble upon a high school track meet where San Benito High School was competing.  Among another sea of kids competing in various running and jumping and shot put throwing events, I found a parent that I knew and asked how many schools were there. “Just two”.  Apparently a lot of kids are in track. Never having been to a track meet before, I wandered around and was struck when a student from the other school said “welcome!” I was also impressed when students from SBHS greeted me, although in full disclosure, asking why I was there since our son is not on the track team. Polite. Choosing to be on a team competing with other schools. Committed.
If there is one thing that I could do for the youth of San Benito County, it would be to create jobs for the kids while they are in school and when they graduate high school or college, but that will be another letter. For now, let’s figure out how to get the message to the youth and parents of the community that apparently there is plenty for our kids to do. Think we can and should do more? Make it happen like the young lady who is feeding the homeless Sunday dinner. That kid is going to go far. Your kid can too.
Robert Bernosky is a San Benito County resident.

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