I had to laugh out loud regarding the article about insurance monsters. The voting public created them and put them on steroids with Obamacare. It’s about time the public is suffering the consequences of it’s actions. For some reason, people equate insurance with access to health care. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Last time I checked, every company is in business to make a profit, otherwise they would have a different tax status. The conclusion that single payer will solve everything is ridiculous. It will be the current situation on steroids. There will be even less competition in the market place and even more denial of services based on statistics rather than situations. No person in their right mind will go into debt to become a doctor only to be paid fast food services wages. Of course the democrat solution to that is to pay for college. Just ask Hillary.
People should be able to pay for the services they and their doctor want, not insurance. Insurance should only be used for catastrophic circumstances. One should be able to have a market place where doctors and hospitals compete for customers and their checkbooks to keep prices in check. Of course no school in their right mind would ever have kids read about bastiat. We all know the job of schools is intolerance of diversity of opinion, in spite of the facts. Violence seems to be the response of choice lately to those who differ with the religion of choice.
I would much rather have a health savings account, and I do, that allows me to pay for services I want rather than getting permission from an insurer. Of course almost no one will understand the power of the market place because they are too busy trying to create socialist utopia that only needs to be perfected, never mind that previous attempts have failed miserably, killing hundreds of millions of people who disagreed with the intelligensia that provided obamacare.
Of course choice should never be allowed in a government utopia. There should be no diversity, no incentive, no penalty, while screaming they will provide it at the top of their lungs. It’s really ironic that the very people who want to impose their views on others are the least tolerant of others views. It’s past time to call these people out for their hypocritical view points and allow society a choice in their lives. I feel like vomiting every time I read another letter in this paper advocating for a socialist utopia at the expense of others and never themselves.
The facts as I see them is that you can’t choose your own facts. The facts are that communism, socialism, fascism, single payer, etc has never worked and it never will. It guarantees the greatest misery upon the greatest number of people. Those who advocate for it have no facts, only idealism and the facts are that idealism has never worked and it never will. Idealism leads to religion, and the new religion is government. Be afraid, religion does not tolerate apostates.
I say it’s time to take the “hulk” out of insurance and minimize government involvement, incentivize patients to pay doctors directly, cutting out the largesse of the biggest middle man, the government,which is the sole culprit of the rise of the cost and reduction of quality of healthcare, not insurance companies, not doctors, not pharmaceutical companies. The culprit is those who impose programs like Obamacare on everyone and will never tolerate choice. This will do more than save physicians and hospitals, it will save lives, the most important job of health care. It’s so obvious, so therefore it won’t happen.
Finally, I wonder how many people who feel like vomiting because companies make profits have a 401 or other investment vehicle to make a profit. Sort of ironic right? Will those who feel like vomiting divest themselves of profit? Of course not. Hypocrisy is an entitlement of the new religion, the religion of government. The religion of intolerance. The best thing that could happen to this community is competition for health services and the ability to pay directly to the hospital. Will it happen? Of course not. The religion of government doesn’t even allow diversity in education that would question government. Happy health care to everyone who supports single payer.
Mark Dickson is from Hollister.

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