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Got a problem, need an answer? Call the Red Phone, always
listening, always online, always at 635-9219.
Got a problem, need an answer? Call the Red Phone, always listening, always online, always at 635-9219.

Help me Red Phone

“I have a big problem for the Red Phone, we hope you can help,” the caller said. “On Canal Alley between the cross streets of College Street and Line Street, we have shopping carts that the Orange (sic) people abandon in our alley. Also we have vehicles that don’t run that are in the alley that make it a hazard for two vehicles to drive through at opposite ends, not including emergency vehicles. We have big potholes that go all the way down the alley that damages our suspension and our vehicles’ alignment that the city won’t fix. Especially when the San Transit (county buses) parks in the alley for part of the day. It’s getting so bad that only a very small car can go through the alley at a time. Please help us Red Phone, this is more important to us than the politicians fighting all day. We appreciate it.”

Whew! This a tough one, but here it goes. First of all, Red Phone doesn’t know who the Orange people are, but the man to call about the abandoned carts is Hollister’s Code Enforcement Officer Mike Chambless. Though Chambless may not be the one to actually push the carts away, he is in charge of abandoned property in the city and can put you in touch with the right people. As for the vehicles in the alley, Chambless said, that is an area handled by the Hollister Police Department – they’re in charge of all the right-of-way issues in the city. He did say cars are not allowed to park in alley right of ways. And the pot holes, unfortunately, are the department of the very same politicos the caller says are constantly putting up their dukes. Red Phone suggests attending Hollister City Council meetings every Monday evening at 7pm and bringing the issue up with Council members – beware Canal Alley isn’t the only street needing repair though. To get a hold of Chambless call 636-4356 and the Hollister Police Dept. is available at 636-4330.

Red Phone On Hold

It’s been slow going on getting the tracks on Highway 25 fixed since winter storms flooded the Santa Barbara area, according to Union Pacific Public Relations Director John Bromley. He called the Red Phone to give an update:

“I haven’t heard back from the maintenance people yet on the crossing,” Bromley said. “All of them were diverted down south to help with flooding. I’ll rattle some cages for you and follow up on that.”

Meanwhile, local residents have rattled Bromley since the Crimson Crusader printed his phone number over the last few weeks. He said people have been leaving voicemails and sending him e-mails. Have they been treating you nice, Red Phone questioned?

“Let’s just say they want the tracks fixed,” he said.

Number of Days on Hold: 269

Who to call: John Bromley

Director of Union Pacific Public Affairs.

(Cell) 402-305-0838

(Office) 402-544-3475

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