WORK ZONE A construction crew earlier this month works on the interior of the future location of the new Brass Tap franchise on Airline Highway in Hollister. Credit: The Brass Tap - Hollister/Facebook
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Nader Javid knows a thing or two about being a business owner in Hollister. For almost 40 years, Javid has been a local entrepreneur, having owned and operated various businesses, including a successful pizza parlor. Now, he’s embarking on his latest challenge and plans to bring a Brass Tap franchise to town later this year. 

“Oh, It’s going to be like a bomb for Hollister!” Javid exclaims.

Javid is taking over a space at 1701 Airline Highway which has been vacant for years, and is hoping to make it a place for people to not just eat and leave quickly, but a place to hang out. He plans to have 25 televisions for sports viewing as well as karaoke and bingo nights. He is shooting for a summer 2024 opening.

The Brass Tap is a Florida-based craft beer bar and eatery brand established in 2008. Locations typically offer more than 60 beers on tap and over 100 varieties of canned and bottled beer. Franchisees are encouraged to source unique local beers for their bar. An extensive wine and liquor selection is also on the menu.

The food selection is staple American fare like chicken wings, nachos, burgers and salads.

Javid says that after extensive research, The Brass Tap was the only brand of its type that stood out to him and satisfied his penchant for good food and drink.

“The thing I really like about this restaurant is the food. I went to eat at The Brass Tap 11 times,” Javid says, “and I could not complain.”

The brand has been making a westward expansion in the last few years, and has nearly 50 locations in 15 states. The Hollister location will be one of two new franchises opening on the Central Coast this year, with another one slated for Marina.

Chris Elliott, the CEO of FSC Franchise Co., which owns The Brass Tap brand, says that they encourage potential franchisees to do research, like Javid did, and believe in the brand’s success.

“We’re not trying to sell you the brand. You have to sell yourself on it. And that’s why we encourage them to visit as many Brass Taps as they can (to) talk to other Brass Tap owners, so they can make a decision based on their own experience and feel good about it,” Elliott says.

The brand tries to create a neighborhood atmosphere and not feel like a chain, giving some discretion to individual franchisees on their location’s design, according to Elliott.

The Hollister location will span about 3,200 square feet and have an estimated 100 person capacity. It will also include a courtyard—not a patio— which Javid says will be a unique experience. He is also building a wraparound bar to his specifications. The business will create about 40 new jobs, Javid says, and he plans to employ many younger residents.

When asked why he has decided to embark on this endeavor after four decades as a business owner, Javid says he doesn’t want to just sit on the couch and do nothing.

“I don’t believe in retirement, sorry to say that. I want to be active all the time. Until the day I pass away,” Javid says. “As long as I have my two legs and my brain, I’m gonna go forward.”

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