Dear Editor:

As a former long-time employee of the Hollister School District and a proponent of positive change, I am urging all voting residents to vote for Dee Brown, Eugenia Sanchez and Ron Stubblefield.

During my 30-year career, I was witness to key decision-making at the highest administrative levels. I attended well over 500 Board meetings and was responsible for recording the minutes of those meetings for 20 years.

Throughout that time, I have been privileged enough to work with many professional and ethical Board members and administrators. However, during the past 10 years, I witnessed a decline in Board members and administrators with these qualities.

As a result of that decline, unbeknownst to many elementary school parents, the students of the district were greatly deprived of services and materials, while money was being freely spent on other items rather than on classroom needs.

The current Board needs a “moral overhaul.” Your vote for the three people mentioned above will bring about a certain amount of change that I believe could facilitate a new beginning for the district.

I had the pleasure of working for only two short months with the new superintendent, Dr. Judith Barranti, who is an intelligent woman with integrity and experience. Please give her help running the district in an ethical manner that all students deserve by voting for Dee Brown, Eugenia Sanchez and Ron Stubblefield.

Cindy Tyler,


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