Kassi Swalboski and Konni Thomas

My mom is incredibly special.
Most of you know her as the Coffee Lady, the one who “sings” your order back to you, the one who makes you repeat your order over because she isn’t wearing her hearing aids, the lady that will put a candle in a muffin and sing “Happy Birthday” to you in front of the whole coffee shop or that lady who will donate to every single event in Gilroy.
Not everyone knows how she is at home or as a mother: she’s incredible. She is a true woman of The Lord, she gives from her heart and is truly a blessing to her family. She is the most amazing wife, someone I look up to and hope to be like one day. She’s the kind of mother I was told everyone wished they had. She’s tough, forgiving, loving, accepting and caring. She’s an amazing friend, truly someone who would give you the shirt off her back. My mom is so very special for so many reasons.
I love you Mom. Thank you for being you.
Kassi Swalboski

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