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Stretched legs built for running. Spock ears for good hearing. One wet noise to detect tasty food. Smooth dark chocolate fur worth getting all over your shirt. Light brown puppy dog eyes to win the love of even the coldest person. Seven pounds of pure fun. That’s a girl’s best friend right there!
Half apple head and half deer head Chihuahua, this puppy is the top spoiled one in our family. And yes, I did say Chihuahua, but don’t stereotype. He doesn’t shiver like the rest. He was brought to me, only two months after he was born because he was just too feisty with the rest of his puppy family, but I prefer to think he was just ready to come home to me. Then I knew he was ready to rock the name of Leaf. How many of you will be considering that name now?
“Typical Chihuahua” you must be thinking, and yes he is: He will chase a cat in our yard and the hiss from one will cause him to take off crying, but that’s what keeps us laughing. Leaf might be cuddling one moment and the next he is biting at your arm, but just like me growing up, he quickly stops at the threat of yelling “Mom!”
After two years with Leaf, we’ve only managed to teach him “down, up, jump, wait and cross,” with the help of food, but come on, that’s a huge step considering the rebellious Chihuahua we have to work with. I’m pretty proud.
And who doesn’t enjoy the unconditional affection of dogs? This pup always waits to greet every one of us as we walk in the door, unless he is having a lazy-Garfield-kind-of-day. He has also mastered the saddest face as he watches us exit. If we walk to our room, he follows and waits till we come out. If I’m out all day, he just sighs and plops down on his bed until I return. That’s a great friend! Not to mention, he is an amazing listener. I have told him my problems and as well as my secrets. He knows I took the last cookie from the cookie jar, but good thing he won’t talk like Duke in those Bush’s Baked Beans commercials. I gave him a share of it too.
We all have our cute stories as to why our dog is the best in the world, so I realize Leaf can’t be everyone’s top dog. But he is most definitely the best dog for me!
– Maritza Gonzalez

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