To District Attorney Candice Hooper, 

On Sunday June 20, 2021 (Fathers Day) at approximately 6:25pm, Sarah Villar and Tayler Schmitt were walking along the sidewalk on Sunnyslope Avenue in Hollister when they were savagely and brutally run down by a drunk driver, who at the time had three prior drunk driving convictions. 

As a result of the collision, Sarah was killed and Tayler seriously injured. This wanton murder committed by a dangerous and violent suspect has many people in the community angry. I have known both of these innocents for many years. They are friends and co-workers. They are true victims; on a “victim” scale of one to ten they are an eleven. 

That Sunday afternoon when they were attacked, Sarah and Tayler were out taking a walk with their little dog. They were walking hand in hand, looking forward to their upcoming wedding in two months. They were doing nothing wrong, merely enjoying themselves on a beautiful day while planning a wonderful life together. 

Suddenly their lives were ripped apart by the felonious actions of a violent three-time criminal suspect who has no regard for human life or those around him. The suspect driver murdered Sarah and wounded Tayler, her fiancé and love of her life. 

This will not stand. California State Law has significant and comprehensive statutes detailing the prosecution and sentencing of convicted felonious drunk drivers. The penalty includes life in prison in incidents such as this where a death occurs. I expect that the full force and effect of the law will be taken against this dangerous felon. 

I also expect that the San Benito County District Attorney and the Hollister Police Department will take all steps to see that this heinous murder is investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent. I will be following the progress of this case as will many others in the community. I expect that your office will appropriately apply the law to ensure that a conviction is achieved, and this suspect, a human piece of garbage, is taken out of society for a long, long time, hopefully for life. Myself, and many others in the community will be watching. 

Stan Faulwetter


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