State health officials confirm Gov. Newsom’s announcement that on June 15 the state will reopen for businesses, events and schools because cases are down and vaccinations are up. That is awesome! 

Yet, another letter writer does not think so. Mr. Logue seems to be opposed to public health mandates that protect everyone.

On two issues he was unclear in his letter. On the plane he did not mind masking because the airline required it. Otherwise he does mind masking when at home in California. Apparently it is not mask wearing per se but who requires it.

To be truthful, one must admit all of the facts. However this letter writer omitted a certain fact. He did not say to which state he traveled and found to be “awesome.” 

Naming the state clarifies the issue. States known as “Red” states are those run by a Republican governor and both houses of the legislature. “Blue” states have Democratic governors and houses of legislation. Current data demonstrates that Red states have higher numbers of Covid-19 cases and lower vaccination rates because they have been open and do not support vaccination. Whereas Blue states like California have lower numbers of cases with increasing rates of vaccination. 

By Mr. Logue’s description of openness, it reveals that he indeed visited a Red state. Apparently the absence of simple health directives becomes this letter writer’s definition of “awesome.”

I am also a California native and long-time Hollister resident. I love California. I am very happy to reside here, especially because Gov. Newsom cares about people.

Only science can lead us out of this pandemic. Only vaccines are the solution. Moreover, we are extremely lucky to have new vaccines with such high rates of effectiveness and safety. Anything other is pure self deception and irresponsible unconcern for others.

Mary Zanger, Retired Pharmacist


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