Besides Stating the Obvious, Did Editorial Have a Point?
Besides Stating the Obvious, Did Editorial Have a Point?


Regarding the editorial “How Should Council Swing the Ax?” (Dec. 13):

You start by stating the obvious, follow with old, news, more old news and older news, then state the obvious again.

You offer a weak assertion again state the obvious, offer more old news and then a snarky assertion

Man, that is a strong editorial. What does the Free Lance think should be cut and saved? That would have been one approach to this editorial.

The other would have been a strong call for citizens to finally get involved in their government, get their butts to the meeting and figure out how to save the sinking ship.

Bernard Fong


Thanks to All Who Made Library Reception a Success


As president of Friends of the San Benito County Free Library, I want to thank Supervisor Pat Loe and Gavilan Trustees Tom Breen and Elvira Robinson for adding their support for our library on the occasion of the Friends of the Library reception welcoming our new county librarian Nora Conte and thanking former interim librarian Betty Mason for her good work.

Fifty Friends and supporters joined with staff and many local merchants (Albertson’s, Windmill Market, Flap Jack Country Cafe, Linda Powers of Juice It Up, Las Palmas Restaurant, Los Cuates Super Mercado and Taqueria, Main Street Bistro, Marich Confectionary, Nob Hill Market, Running Rooster, Sushi Restaurant and Subway Sandwiches and Salads) made donations to the buffet.

To community members who didn’t make it, the kids’ holiday program on Dec. 21, from 4 to 7pm, is another chance to take a new look at the library.

Check it out!

Mary Schneider


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