Please Return Stolen Flags to San Juan Bautista Library
Please Return Stolen Flags to San Juan Bautista Library


On the night of March 21, both the California state flag and the Stars and Stripes flag were stolen from the flag pole at the San Juan Bautista City Library.

If this was a prank, it was in bad form.

If it was a theft for resale, the community should be aware.

Whatever it was, there will be no questions asked if these flags are returned.

Chris Warren

San Juan Bautista Library Auxiliary

Pressuring Students Too Much Turns Them Off to Learning


I would like to respond to Mitchell A. Huerta’s guest column (“Expectations Too Low for SBHS Students,” March 24).

I was a student at the high school and graduated in 2004. The expectations of students were high then and they’re still high.

Having two pounds of homework and staying up until 11 o’clock at night doesn’t exactly motivate kids to want to learn.

I remember having to write an essay in my algebra class my freshman year. To a lot of people that doesn’t make any sense.

My graduation requirements at that time were the same requirements to get into a UC school.

The teachers need to think of different ways to interact with the students instead of giving them handout after handout and making them write essay after essay.

Pressuring kids that much only turns them off to learning and I think that is one of the reasons that the kids at the school enjoy the rallies and dances and games, because it is a relief for them. I know it was for me and my friends.

Jessica Gonzales


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