New Rally Organizers Need to Avoid Repeat of the Past
New Rally Organizers Need to Avoid Repeat of the Past


I have a very solid comment for this Miss Tyson chairperson (Charisse Tyson) on this “new committee.” I am one of many repeat vendors for Hollister, as long as this year there is an actual new promoter appointed that us vendors can trust. I myself got burned for $2,700 dollars I’ll never see… Miss Tyson makes a comment in “New Committee Kick-Starts Rally Plans” article.. Well I would like to make a comment as I represent not only myself in this comment, but 26 other vendors that are personal friends in which all of us got burned for our rally deposits.

You say in this article that businesses got burned and there is nothing you can do about it. All of us vendors shout back at you and yell out “The h— you can’t… Here is exactly what you CAN DO if you are the lead person “calling the shots” in this “new committee:

Number 1) You can make sure that us returning vendors who got burned for our deposit money get our original spots back as part of the contract with a new promoter. That is only fair!

Number 2) Make sure that whomever is actually confirmed and not just flaunted by you in this article actually has the financial backing to successfully pull off the rally for 2007! Us vendors hope that you guys just don’t “shoot from the hip” and blindly accept a proposal by an organization claiming they are competent promoters with actual financial backing, when their current trust factor with a majority of returning vendors is nonexistent. We know who is trouble and who is truly reputable. Anybody can come with a “con-job” proposal and sit in on a council meeting and blow smoke up your rear, claiming they actually have got financiers to back the rally.

So Miss Tyson, exactly what are you personally going to do if this organization you claim to be awarding this contract to collects all our vendor deposits and then skips town? Will you personally reimburse all of us vendors who already got ripped off? If not, then do your homework before you award the new Hollister contract, making sure beyond a shadow of a doubt you actually have the right promoter for the job! Your entire town, all us vendors, and a possible repeat attendance of over 100,000 people are depending on you!

Tim Melody

Owner “Old School Eyewear”

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