Editorial Set a Bad Example for our Youth, Anyone Who Reads
Editorial Set a Bad Example for our Youth, Anyone Who Reads


We try to instill in our youth, that in order to get a good job, they need to be able to read and write well. If they wish to be an author or journalist, they must learn that spellcheck is not to be relied upon and that proofreading is important in order to be taken seriously.

Ever since local newspapers were no longer proofread daily, the misspellings have multiplied, and now, even the editorials must be questioned for grammar.

The editorial in the Free Lance of Sept. 28, 2006, had eight points of questionable grammar. Four sentences started with “And,” two with “But” and one each with “Or” and “Because.” I am sure the Free Lance would not hire a reporter who sent in an example of their work with this many errors!

San Benito High School Students taking a journalism class will perhaps apply to their hometown newspaper for future employment. Please set a good example.

Ruth Erickson


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