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June 25, 2022

Letters: Wake up to Covid-19 reality

Support for Wayne Norton for Supervisor

RE: Time to end Covid-19 restrictions, a letter from Alana Dimmick.

Dear Ms. Dimmick,

Do you have any contact with the world outside of Southern San Benito County either by traveling in the region or through becoming informed via the surfeit of news sources we are blessed/cursed with? Or is your seeming ignorance of the facts about this PANdemic something willful? 

Perhaps you’ve been lulled to sleep by the Fox propaganda channel and its constant drone of mal-information on any number of important subjects, Covid-19 being just one.

Your idea that “the government” somehow coddles us is absurd given the facts of how the current administration has allowed “the greatest nation on earth” to have the worst death toll of any—210,000 as of this week, in case you missed it.

I must ask you, who is the government if not us? Do you know that Thomas Jefferson once said, “The people will have the government they deserve”? That, Ms. Dimmick, is a clear-cut call for civic duty, for responsible self-education, for directing outrage to something useful for all your fellow citizens.

Rather than act to take your government back from the most corrupt administration ever, might you prefer to have the words “Fair and Balanced” chiseled on your headstone?

With all due respect; Wake UP!

Terry Butler

San Benito County

Norton for supervisor

We would like to share our support for Wayne Norton as Supervisor for San Benito County.  

Having lived in Aromas since 1986, I have seen his amazing community work in Aromas, San Benito and Hollister. Wayne looks at all the aspects of each situation and makes his decisions by what is best for the entire community both now and in the future.  

His actions on the Water board, the Eagles, the Dispatch, the San Juan Rotary speak for themselves. He works hard and studies each issue.  

We are so glad he is running and give our total support to his campaign.   

Lindasue Marshall


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