We deserve to know the truth

No one should be above the law, that is a very important recurrent theme in our society, especially right now in this political climate that we find ourselves in. I have long held the belief that politics in this county has long been used to line certain pockets. 

We deserve to know the truth. Your newspaper is supposed to be reporters of unbiased truths, do your job and be on the right side of your profession

Report and investigate this sign stealing incident, which I feel is indicative and very telling about the state of politics in this county.

Ana Silva

San Benito County

Hero or hypocrite

Having seen the news article and Board of Supervisors meeting in November, I was amazed to see the Anthony Botello story play out.

Having known Anthony for many years I have always found him decent to talk to even if we did not always agree. This issue has shown me a different side.

His blatantly admitting on TV and to our supervisors as to the theft and his following excuses were appalling. Apparently working for a large corporation the message was hard to see. In this county signs have been allowed (overlooked) for years.

Anthony has allowed numerous people and groups to display signs on his property for years. It seems now that due to a difference of views he feels it is his duty to remove the “garbage” signs he does not agree with from the roads.

For disclosure, I do not know Mr. Barragan or really understand what he is doing or trying to do, but apparently it is something some people, including Anthony, disagree with.

Even if the signs were taken down and given to CalTrans or San Benito County Works it could be said it was due to the “Stop Sign” logo as a safety issue. But they were not given to an agency, it was pure theft of other people’s views. There appears that there was no intention of returning these signs until he was caught.

Even CalTrans returns people’s personal property. It is not a citizen’s right to remove someone’s property they do not agree with. You do not take a bike home because it is left in the street, but you can report it, or turn it in, if it is a violation.

I hate to think that this one poorly executed theft places the county residents’ First Amendment rights at risk. Or that we must all file for a permit to voice an opinion or advertise our Scouts Clubs, 4-H, Fair, fundraisers or church events or risk now becoming criminals.

This disservice by a previous supervisor deserves some better attention from our county officials than to be swept under the rug. I’m Sorry Anthony, it was wrong.

Karl C. Skow


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