Hollister – Lunch boxes that were distributed as a part of the California Department of Public Health should not be used and may have elevated levels of lead, according to a release from the agency.

The lunch boxes are made of green canvas with a “Eat fruits and vegetables and be active” logo and were distributed throughout California at health fairs and events.

Lead contamination in multiple consumer products – in the lunch boxes, as well as Mattel products – has resulted in the state putting a hold on any incentives being handed out by California offices for at least four to six weeks, according to health education associate Suzi Hogeman.

As a result, the San Benito County Public Health Services’ Baby Safety Shower, planned for Thursday, had to be postponed.

“The baby shower is an incentive-driven event,” Hogeman said. “We’re postponing it until we can actually hand out the incentives.”

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