Meet WERC’s educational animals and learn how you can have them visit your child’s school.

Clarabelle (Acorn Woodpecker), Luna (Great Horned Owl), Wally (Pygmy Owl-pictured), Horus (Peregrine Falcon), and Oreo (Kingsnake) will be making an appearance at the following location:

* Saturday, Sept. 10, 10am – 2pm outside Nob Hill Store, 777 1st Street, Gilroy

W.E.R.C.’s unique classroom programs inspire and educate children about nature, wildlife, and the environment. W.E.R.C. also offers programs on California’s Early Native Americans (CENA). The programs meet many and/or all of California’s Life Science Standards for elementary school grades K-6. See W.E.R.C’s website for details on the programs www.werc-ca.org. For further information or to schedule your program, contact Teresa at [email protected].

Note: W.E.R.C.’s other educational animals include a turkey vulture, red-tailed hawk, merlin falcon, opossum, pocket gopher, and gopher snake. The animals brought to the classroom will depend on the program chosen. Feathers, Fur, and Scales includes a bird, a mammal, and a snake; Birds of Prey includes a raptor (owl, hawk, and/or falcon); Silent Hunters includes an owl(s); CENA programs do not use live animals but do include hands-on activities.


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