Dear Editor:

As I watched the anti-war demonstrations all over the world this weekend, I was puzzled by one thing? Why the Che Guevarra banners?

What did the image of a marxist thug have to do with the so-called desire for world peace? Then it hit me. These were “anti-American” demonstrations.

They had less to do with a sincere difference of opinion than with a bitter, hatred of all this country stands for.

I will never understand this attitude. I won’t even try to convince those who differ with me.

To those who genuinely oppose any war anywhere, I say you have the right to demonstrate and, while I differ in opinion, you have my blessing.

To those who just hate America I want to send a message. If you do to my son and the rest of our service personnel what you did to me and my comrades-in-arms from Vietnam, you will have me to deal with!

Rich Petersen


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