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June 24, 2024

Make This a Year of Giving

With the recent crispness in the air and leaves littering our

Start plans for second high school campus

The San Benito High School District Board of Trustees found

Securing funds for our libraries

It's time for residents to sharpen their pencils, break out

San Juan should heed advice from visiting architects

The following deserve either a thumbs up or thumbs down:

Make sure San Benito County is earthquake ready

We have a suggestion for a New Year's Resolution for all San

City workers deserve praise for avoiding a strike

We want to salute members of the Service Employees International

Slashed cable lines offer chance to improve

Sabotage on the order of last week's severing of fiber optic

Editorial: Board falls short with oil rules

County supervisors were apt to portray a sense of support for oil and natural gas prospects here, but they fell short as it pertains to protecting taxpayers in the event of a necessary cleanup.

Preserving the mission is preserving history

A group advocating the separation of church and state should

Editorial: Hollister must elect an at-large mayor

Hollister's form of government is antiquated and lacks the