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July 18, 2024

Looks like another great county fair

Celebrate our freedom.

Get Breen and others in the race for DA

It's time for those trying to convince Paul Breen to run for

Congrats class of 2004, make the most of it

Congratulations to the members of San Benito County's Class of

Marty: Happy New Year; the wait has ended

As the year winds down, I want to thank all those who have encouraged me to write this column. There are far too many to name. If I tried, I'm sure to forget someone. Rather than take that chance, I'll just say thanks to all.

A Crucial Investigation

We welcome news that the federal Department of the Interior's

Our New Year’s reflections and wishes

As the year 2003 closes out today, we would like to pause for a

Pinnacle Editorial: County right to support developers of MegaWatt project

San Benito County officials have followed a wise path by encouraging private solar development while taking a hands-off policy toward public-private partnerships undertaken by other local governments.

Back to Class

While my school days are well behind me, this time of the year always leaves me with feelings of hope and trepidation. As the Free Lance took a tour of San Benito High School with Superintendent Shawn Tennenbaum earlier this week, I saw students arrive...

Hollister officials raise accountability for faraway owners

The Hollister City Council takes action against a big

Free Lance Editorial: With mussels, feds move at a snail’s pace

It is simply inexcusable and reflective of a larger problem: The federal government has dragged its feet in responding to the zebra mussel infestation of San Justo Reservoir and, in the meantime, has put a freeze on the recreational spot's economic potential in the community.