Dear Editor:

To add my 2 cents worth. I was on the Ridgemark Homeowners Association in the late 1980s and president for two years.

At that time we expected that sooner or later we would have to assume ownership of the roads and that the county would accept them and charge us for upkeep in County Service Area No. 9 just as they did for the streetlights.

Well, I have been a homeowner for 20 years and we are still having a problem with the streets.

Last year Ridgemark Realty spent a lot of money on upgrading the streets to turn them over to us or someone else. From what I can see they did a good job. And I have seen a report that says the county accepted the repairs.

Now, we have county supervisors unwilling to accept the streets. All we are asking is that any repairs to the streets be billed across the board to all the homeowners affected. And that should include all the homeowners who abut onto the Ridgemark streets.

John B. Fitch


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