The Bureau of Land Management announced today it is placing precautionary fire restrictions in public lands managed by the Hollister Field Office.

According to the BLM:

No vehicles, campfires or open flames will be allowed on BLM lands in the Panoche, Griswold, Tumey and Ciervo hills effective April 16.  All campfires and barbeques, even within camp sites, are prohibited in the closure area.

Hollister Field Office Manager Rick Cooper says the restrictions are needed due to dry fuels and fire danger throughout central California. “A human caused wildfire under these conditions could pose a serious threat to the public, local communities, private land and resources,” said Cooper.

The BLM advises homeowners to “Take Responsibility” and keep 100 feet of clean, open space around their homes to provide defensible space and improve the chance that their homes and families can be saved in an uncontrolled wildfire.

Any person convicted of knowingly/willfully violating these fire restrictions can be fined up to $1,000, receive up to 12 months imprisonment, or both.  That person also is liable for the damages and suppression cost of the wildfire.

For further information on the fire restrictions, contact the Bureau of Land Management Hollister Field Office at (831) 630-5029.

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