It is heartbreaking to see so many San Benito County families suffering from the floods that recently wreaked havoc on the northern part of this community, near Lovers Lane and close to where San Felipe Road meets Shore Road.

At the same time, it is great to see all of this county’s emergency service agencies come together and do a wonderful job in a serious time of need. Those responders all deserve adulation, and probably need a break after everything that’s happened with the weather in the past few weeks. We’re certain those residents near the floods could use a break, too, after spending day after day on cleanup duty, uncertain when the rains will end.

If there is an upside, however, it’s that California and San Benito County have needed a lot of rain for a long time. We finally got it. We’re heading toward a drought-free status. It’s just too bad locals in the flood zone have to absorb such conditions in order to get us out of this sustained drought.

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