Looks like this was championship week when a final two met for a showdown. Each was a league best. Now was the test of mental and emotional endurance. Odds were chancy.

One team, let’s say Team A, represents the Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital Board of five trustees and the appointed CEO. The other team, Team B, then represents the nurses, doctors, staff, community members, volunteers and Board of Supervisors.

Team A likes to maneuver with the risky shot of bankruptcy. A low-ball sale like a last minute free shot assures a win avoiding an embarrassment. A company named Insight, like a coach chosen by Team A, would pocket an easy win. 

Team B may be less quick but has skillful players like the accuracy of a complete business plan, powered by financial sources and strategized by healthcare professionals.  

Team B has practiced with motivation and wants to cooperate with Team A to provide the best healthcare for the home town.

The fans are the home town voting people. Because this home town is the fastest growing community in the state, it must continue to own its hospital. 

Funny thing is that both teams are from the home town and are playing in the home town gym. The issue is stark. Team A wants to sell the goods, the buildings and equipment, to an outside owner. Team B does not want to sell. Team B wants to keep all the players: the doctors and nurses, recruit more doctor specialists, serve more patients and keep and grow the buildings and equipment. 

Team A hopes that their choice of selling to Insight will be exempt from the November ballot. Team B knows that the taxpayers owning the hospital will object. 

Furthermore at the same time, three Team A players will be up for reelection only to be challenged by three new citizens wanting to keep our hospital under local care. My ardent hope is that Team A will remember a well known saying: “Pride comes before a fall!”

Mary Zanger


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