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July 23, 2024

Rancho San Justo’s new ‘Bronco Well’ offers wellness hub

Rancho San Justo Principal Deborah Armstrong and Vice Principal Samantha Rivas saw first-hand benefits of opening a wellness center at Hollister High School, where they worked together before coming to the middle school in 2023-24. They saw a need for such a central location for...

Letter: Downtown sign worth the cost?

I am not a fan of Randy Logue’s too frequent publications on your opinion page. But it was this line that caught my eye: “WE ARE NOT SALINAS.” Hollister can “boast” that it has an ugly sign just like the one in downtown Salinas...

Community board: Deception defines Measure J campaigns

While this board and its members' conflicting views on Measure J reflect the wider community's disparity in opinions, there is general agreement on one thing: Organized campaigns on both sides of the issue have used deception in trying to steer public sentiments.

Letter: Keep space open for living and thriving

The frequent skyward grind of one winged craft tugging another winged but motor-less craft compels me to look up and wonder. Those pilots must see from above what I can only see by the photography that spilled from my mailbox. The arrival of maps and...

Drought update: Long-term supplies uncertain

The rainy winter has been good for reservoir levels and surface water supplies, but a number of important factors remain unknown before authorities are willing to declare an end to the statewide drought.  These factors include San Benito County’s pending allocation of imported water from...

Community Insight: Art improves downtown image

Hollister officials are taking big steps to promote and allow public art in a community that sorely lacked it.

Elias named first female commander of Gilroy CHP scales

California Highway Patrol Lt. Erica Elias, a veteran officer and alumnus of Hollister High School and Gavilan College, has been named the first female Commander of the Gilroy Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility since it was founded in 1985.  “Erica is ecstatic to give back to...

Police release photos of 7-Eleven robbery suspect

Hollister Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at a local convenience store Jan. 4, and are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect.  The robbery took place the morning of Jan. 4 at the 7-Eleven store on San Benito Street. A...

Letter: Hospital board plays charades

Charades can be a fun way to occupy an after-dinner-evening with friends or family.  Pantomiming, gesturing, pretending and making hilarious faces can dissolve into hilarity and satisfaction but is never taken seriously.  What should not be like a game of charades is a democratic board...

Letter: Council is stuck ‘back in time’

Allow me to rearrange your headlines (from the Oct. 20 Free Lance). “Back in time,” needs to move to the right and next to the Sword Swallower. Back in time appropriately describes the actions of the city council. The photo of the parade of...