Dear Editor:

Concern has been expressed about property rights in regard to the San Benito County Growth Control Initiative.

Non-conforming legal parcels, developments, and uses remain valid if they exist at the time of the adoption of the Initiative (Section 17).

In Section 4 it is stated that provisions of the initiative do not apply if they would deprive any person of their constitutional rights or would be a taking without requisite compensation or would be inconsistent with federal or state laws.

The purpose of this initiative (Section 1) is to protect San Benito County, its agricultural lands and other valuable open space and natural resources, from excessive and harmful development.

The initiative seeks to limit and stabilize the rate of development at a level the county can live with. To secure this level, the initiative seeks less costly, compact urban development instead of scattered, sprawling growth.

So far more than 5,900 county citizens who state they were voters have signed this initiative for growth control in San Benito County.

Janet Brians


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