County board set to adopt final 2012-13 budget

Marty Richman

The San Benito County supervisors are set to adopt the final budget for 2012-13 at Tuesday’s meeting.

The meeting is set for 9 a.m. at the County Administration Building, 481 Fourth St.

The auditor’s office completed a review of the budget and submitted it to the clerk of the board Nov. 21, with a copy sent to the office of the controller by Dec. 1.

Check the Friday Free Lance print edition for the outcome of Tuesday’s meeting.

Though the estimated revenue came in $274,318 short of the anticipated amount, the auditor’s office was not suggesting additional cuts to services because officials expect two infusions of funding in the general fund from other sources.

In a letter included in the agenda, Joe Paul Gonzalez, the auditor-clerk-recorder, said the county received a check from Trindel, the county’s self-insurance JPA, of $339,475. The check is a return of advanced payments made for workers compensation and general liability that was not needed in 2011-12 due to staffing cuts.

At the meeting, the supervisors will be asked to transfer $735,182 to the general purpose revenues account. Another $220,902 will go into the contingency expenditures account, while $514,280 will be used to increase the other post-employee benefits expenditure appropriations in general fund departments.

Those transfers, if approved, will bring the 2012-13 budget into balance.

Supervisors to set policy for chamber use

The supervisors asked staff members to bring back a use policy for the board’s consideration at its Nov. 6 meeting, after board Chairman Jaime De La Cruz said he had some community groups ask about reserving the room. Community Media Access Partnership staff and volunteers, for instance, did a broadcast from the board chambers with election night news on Nov. 6.

In the agenda, the policy that will be reviewed by supervisors Tuesday limits the use of the chambers and conference room to county supervisors, county staff and the board of supervisors’ officially appointed boards, commissions, committees and other local, state or federal governmental entities “for the sole purpose of conducting public business.”

The policy also calls for those who would like to use the rooms to make a reservation with the clerk of the board in advance, and make arrangements to pick up keys and return them in a timely manner if using the facilities after regular working hours.

The policy, if approved by supervisors Tuesday, will be effective Jan. 1.

Review of impact fee report

At the meeting, the supervisors are also anticipated to approve the San Benito County annual impact fee report for 2011-12, following a 15-day public comment period. The supervisors reviewed the impact fee report on Nov. 6, when they noted that under capital improvements for law enforcement and jail/juvenile hall impact fee planned improvements, the future plan for jail expansion did not include a criminal justice facility. The impact fee report has since been updated to include current cost projections.

The jail expansion is estimated to cost $49.9 million, with about $15 million in funding allocated from the state under Assembly Bill 900. The state funding has not yet been secured through bonds.

The report reviews impact fees for drainage, traffic, road equipment, fire mitigation, law enforcement and jail/juvenile hall, habitat conservation, and parks and recreation.

To view the complete San Benito County Supervisors agenda for Dec. 4, visit the county’s website and click on the agenda link. Note: An addendum has been added to include two additional regular agenda items.


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