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Dear Editor:

I was very disturbed by the article written by Jed Logan on Dec. 17, headlined “DA forwards sheriff review to state DOJ.”

In that article, Sheriff Curtis Hill went off on a childish rant declaring, “The San Benito County Sheriff’s Department is not going to get involved in a lawn party with a bunch of skunks.”

The “bunch of skunks” apparently would include defense attorney Greg LaForge, District Attorney Harry Damkar and presiding Judge Harry Tobias who threw the case out of court based on the lies in the police report written by sheriff deputy Sgt. Wes Walker.

Hill’s angry snit reminded me a lot of the cartoon character Sheriff Yosemite Sam who’d become enraged at all of those pesky skunks and varmints pull his pistols and helter skelter shoot up the screen, firing at any thing that moved. In this case, Hill shoots at anyone that doesn’t agree with him.

Tobias, LaForge and Damkar should be applauded for taking a tough stand on the very serious issue of police misconduct. Hill, on the other hand, who says he stand by his man “150 percent,” should demand that the Department of Justice do an investigation to clear Sgt. Walker.

It is very clear to me from this article that Mr. Hill’s problems is in the fact that Damkar has never been a rubber stamp for the sheriff’s office or any law enforcement office in this county. Hill seemingly doesn’t understand that the district attorney is the main check and balance in our justice system and has to remain independent.

The DA’s job is to review cases, determine that all of the elements of the crime are there, no lies, and that it is in fact a prosecutable case.

Hill’s statements make it sound as if he believes District Attorney-elect John Sarsfield is going to be that rubber stamp yes man he’s been looking for to complete his kingdom.

I hope that, like Mr. Damkar, John Sarsfield is his own man and not allow himself to be bullied, badgered or buffaloed by Curtis Hill.

Greg Zazueta


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