Free Lance gets greener and cleaner

A printing technician reviews one of the first copies of the Free Lance to come off the press.

The Free Lance is now being printed at one of the most modern facilities in North America, creating a better looking paper and reducing our carbon footprint.
I stopped by the printer at 10 p.m. last night to see the first copies of this week’s Hollister Free Lance come off the press. We’re now being printed at one of the most modern facilities in North America, and I wanted to see the first copies.
The difference was instantly noticeable. The pages were whiter, the photos crisper. And the ink doesn’t rub off.
Our goal is to create the best reader experience possible as we continue to improve a 142-year old institution and deliver crisper and more impactful ads for Free Lance advertisers. Full color is available on every page now.
But there’s more. Our switch to a LEED-certified printing plant reduces the Free Lance’s carbon footprint. We’re pleased to produce this publication at a facility that maximizes the use of recycled materials, uses energy-efficient technologies, conserves water and pays attention to environmental impact in its every activity.
New SV Media has also invested in a 2020-compliant low-emission green diesel truck four years ahead of the deadline. Less greenhouse gases will be discharged each week on the 40-mile journey from the press to the Free Lance’s distribution center.
These small changes may not be noticeable to readers but they reflect a commitment to continued improvement in all of our publishing activities.


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