Well since Josh Staloch failed to mention Daniel Arevalo #11 and
Little League, please allow me.

Well since Josh Staloch failed to mention Daniel Arevalo #11 and Little League, please allow me.

This takes nothing away from Ricky Garcia, he is an outstanding athlete and boy did he pitch the other night, but how do you mention him and not Daniel? It was Daniel who brought people to the park. It was Daniel who had kids and adults alike with their nose pressed against the fence when he was hitting and pitching. It was Daniel who hit 17 home runs, beating his record last year. And it was Daniel who hit 36 home runs in the home run derby ,and that was after they held him up in the first two rounds. That night, he could have easily hit 50 home runs, and they were not just little home runs over the fence, they were gone like a rocket.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Oscar Ramirez, Jr. #10. It seemed every time he batted he had a stand up double and sometimes triple and he was our pitcher. He pitched this year so accurate and strong and I am so proud of him. I can’t tell you how polite these two kids are and that, coupled with their abilities, makes them the All Star players that they are and always will be.

The Brewers are coach Ocar’s kids, and that’s why they went to the TOC’s two times in a row. Let’s hope this coach is utilized in Babe Ruth, because it’s definitely a team/league gain to have him coaching, and don’t we want the best we can get representing Hollister?

I also want to acknowledge the Cardinals and their manager Jerry Sepulveda and team mom Kelly. If it couldn’t be us, I am happy that it was you and besides we have Cardinal alumni in our household: daddy was a Major Cardinal and they also won TOC’s. Jerry and Kelly, you both have done so much for the Little League youth, my hat is off to both of you and your team.

To all the little Brewers, thank you for all your efforts. It was a pleasure to watch you. To the No. 1 coach, thanks Oscar for the memories from me and Ricky, #4. I will never forget the kindness and respect that you showed our youngest boy. So often coaches will treat kids differently, but not you. You loved the bottom of the line-up the same as the top of the line-up and that’s what makes you so successful. I wish you luck wherever you go, but like I have said before, it’s not so much luck with you as skill.

Carol Lenoir, Hollister

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