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August 18, 2022

High school confidential

Lindsay offers relationship tips
Dear Lindsay,
My dad travels a lot for work. It sucks that he can’t come to my
softball games or school stuff ever. How can I change this?
-Missing Pa
Lindsay offers relationship tips

Dear Lindsay,

My dad travels a lot for work. It sucks that he can’t come to my softball games or school stuff ever. How can I change this?

-Missing Pa

Dear Missing Pa,

It’s hard to control a parent’s work schedule, because you really can’t. Let him know what’s up. Ask if there is someone who can take his place. If not, ask him for some quality time when he is home. Let him know you don’t like how distant you two are. Ask him to help you practice your softball, or just to sit down and chat. He should never be too busy for his daughter.

Dear Lindsay,

My friends are always saying people or things are retarded and I have a cousin with autism so it really bothers me. How can I tell them how I feel?

-Uneasy Comment

Dear Uneasy,

The easiest way is to just tell them. Tell them to pick a different word. Sure the word may have been OK back in the day, but today it’s pretty offensive. I’m sure they don’t realize that it’s not cool. If they are true friends they’ll care about your feelings.

Dear Lindsay,

I really want to ask this girl out on a date. If I want to hang out with her Saturday, when should I ask her out?

-How to?

Dear How to?

This Saturday is morP, our Sadie Hawkins. (It is “prom” spelled backwards). Do some dirty work and see if she has a date. If not ask her. Unless you want to keep it casual, just ask her what she’s up to this weekend. If she asks you, just let her know you’re available, and slyly work in something like, “you know, if you wanted to chill or something, that would be cool. Here’s my number.” It’s as easy as that.

Dear Lindsay,

I went on a date with this guy and we had a really good time. But it’s been two weeks and he hasn’t called me again. Should I call him or just assume he isn’t interested?

-Diss or date

Dear Diss or Date

After two weeks, something is definitely up. If you see him around school, say hi. If he seems to shrug you off, and he’s definitely a guy you want to be with you need to decide if you want to keep trying. It could be possible that maybe he didn’t consider it a date, unless it was stabled as one. Pull him aside and ask him what’s up so you don’t waste your time with waiting.

Dear Lindsay,

I really like this guy and want to ask him to hang out, but he has this friend he is always with and it feels like they are a package deal. How can I ask him to hang out without him bringing his friend along?

-Unneeded Friend

Dear Unneeded Friend,

This is certainly very interesting. When you do decided to ask him out, ask him if the friend is included. Tell him you would rather it be just you two. But if he insists on the friend being there for moral support, then bring a friend for the other guy. Once this guy you’re crushing on is used to you, then the friend will disappear.

Lindsay Adamson
A staff member edited this provided article.

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