I couldn’t agree more with you Ms. Chenet, which is why I have
always said that if development doesn’t support itself don’t build
Dear Editor,

I couldn’t agree more with you Ms. Chenet, which is why I have always said that if development doesn’t support itself don’t build it.

The hospital wants a bond and the schools want a parcel tax. The city is broke and the county is struggling to provide services, most notably the Sheriff’s office. However, I am sure that the No on G folks will be happy to approve these tax increases to pay for “private development property rights,” and it should pass overwhelmingly. You know, 70 percent.

So when the voting takes place for all of these taxes, 70 percent should be voting “yes,” right? Development should not be governed by “private property rights,” but more about “much needed necessary infrastructure.” Historically, this community has always put the development first in front of the infrastructure. And from what I am observing, this is not going to change so get used to it unless you decide to do something about it.

These votes are going to be very difficult for me because I have always supported my community but at some point you have to question the responsibility issue. I also found it absurd that the school board found money to give a raise to an administrator but in the same breath tells the community what dire straits they are in. I am not saying that that individual is not deserving. I am saying there is no money. At least that’s what I keep hearing.

If I was inclined to vote in a raise, it would not be for an administrator but for the for teachers, teachers’ aides, maintenance and clerical workers. You know the folks that can’t afford to buy a house here.

You would have heard from me before on this school issue but my kids go to Sacred Heart and there are reasons for that. I love that school. We as parents work very diligently to ensure that our school is successful, and I wish that the public schools could do something to encourage parent participation because you seem to be so lacking in that area.

At Sacred Heart, we have to work 35 hours per year or we pay $30 per hour for unworked hours. It’s a shame that the public school couldn’t do that because it really works to help offset costs.

Sorry about mentioning Measure G but remember with growth comes more people and we are already struggling to serve the residents that we have already.

Carol Lenoir, Hollister

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