Dear Editor:

We have been a subscriber of the Free Lance since we moved to Hollister in 1957. Generally speaking, you have usually acknowledged achievements and community activities fairly and I believed impartially.

Two citizens of the year and three businesses were honored at the 82nd annual San Benito County Chamber of Commerce dinner on January 18, 2003.

I’m appalled at the manner in which you totally ignored two of the businesses! K&S Market Inc. and Pride of San Juan were only named in one half of a sentence at the end of your article.

Downtown Hollister has had a huge “shot in the arm” with the completion of the most attractive new Frank Klauer office building at Seventh and San Benito St.

The second business “Pride of San Juan” is truly an inspiration. We must be “on the map” because their excellent produce that is packaged and shipped all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and parts of Europe.

Why in the world were you unable to credit them appropriately? There is still time to do so! You might do a “Special Edition.”

Gertrude Boyd


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