Dear Editor,

If local elected representatives agree that they cannot continue in office if they “violate official duties,” then how can we have them violating their oath of office to uphold our Constitution, which both state and federal, guarantees equal protection and due process of law? How can they stay if they continuously violate the prohibition in our State Constitution against surrendering the taxation power to unelected persons, e.g., appointed joint power authorities’ Directors, e.g., VTA-COG?

After what Lenin did to the Russians, why would we want our children and grandchildren to inherit worse nationalized transport, worse than lite rail, worse than Caltrain, worse than Amtrak, combined? Why won’t you desire that your children inherit the America that we inherited from our fathers and grandfathers? Don’t we get crucified enough by the radical socialists urban transit boondoggles from the unconstitutional joint power authorities, e.g., VTA-COG, who continue to violate the Brown Act with secret meetings where neither the public, nor the press, are invited, while governance abuses multiply?

There’s nothing inevitable about bigger government, more nationalization, unless you’re convinced that Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were right, and we can make their failures work here in California. Those who hold office with such beliefs are the leaders who have us on the Road to Serfdom.

When government failures have reached the level of “a long train of abuses and usurpations,” as they have here today, then the Declaration’s draftsmen authorize we the people to overturn our government and replace it with one that will protect us and our property.

Worse than old felonies are the currently committed ones that undermine American’s liberty and freedom, while hypocritically proclaiming that the trust of the voters are being fulfilled while in public office.

Our Constitution has remedies for these offenses, and it’s high time that we invoked them.

Joseph P. Thompson, Tres Pinos


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