Enhanced oil and gas exploration has resulted in a huge number of jobs for Americans, inexpensive natural gas, and cheaper gasoline than would be possible without EOE. Additionally, every dollar spent on domestic oil and gas is a dollar that will not go to fund terrorists.
Let me explain: OPEC countries – in large part – fund the terrorists. If we reduce our production, two things happen: The world price for energy goes up. More oil is sold at those higher prices, by OPEC nations who support ISIS, ISIL, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. We should not be helping them to undermine our society.
Given the above, it would take a very compelling reason to vote Yes on J.
So, where is the compelling reason?
Well, let’s examine the “Vote Yes On Measure J” leaflet to see the “compelling” reasons.
“Fracking generates toxic waste that can contaminate our drinking water and farmlands.”
The facts: There has never been any fracking in SBC, none now, and none contemplated. So, this is a “Straw Man” setup by the Yes on J to frighten and distract you from their real motives.
Secondly, the “can happen” has never happened! Not here! Not anywhere! Could it happen? Possibly. But we fly planes. Could a plane fall from the sky and destroy an orphanage? It could. But we don’t ban airplanes because they serve the greater good. Likewise, cars do crash and kill people. Ask yourself: “Why don’t we ban cars?”
“The hazardous chemicals used in fracking have been linked to cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, and infertility.” Wow! What demagoguery! That the chemicals used in fracking can cause these illnesses is not disputed. While those chemicals – if ingested – are harmful, so are the chemicals used in your bathroom cleaning supplies. If you vote for J, will you also get rid of those cleaners? If not – why not?
The chemicals and contaminated water are sequestered deep underground, below the water table. In any case, since no fracking is planned, this is a red herring issue.
“Children and the elderly are especially at risk from the pollutants that cause asthma and other respiratory ailments.”
Stop, read and think about the message in that sentence. That statement is an insult to any thinking person. Of course it cannot be disputed, anymore than the statement that even healthy people are at risk from pollutants. What pollutants? Where are they? This sentence implies that these pollutants are a real and present danger.
The deceit continues: “Measure J allows Safer, CONVENTIONAL drilling to continue.” WRONG! Even though there is no ban on drilling the hole, without the needed enhanced extraction techniques, it renders the effort USELESS. Effectively, Measure J will cause most existing wells to close and little or no more drilling will occur.
If Measure J passes, jobs will be lost, people will suffer, and revenue to the county and to the state will be reduced. Further, ISIS will revel in the knowledge that they have achieved a foothold in their quest for additional funds to do their dirty work.
Philip Schipsi, Hollister

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