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August 10, 2022

Letter: Is there money for an emergency?

Is there going to be an emergency center for a disaster? There are a lot of things we need to do for the people of our community to find work. We need more ideas, we should have more input and have people be a part of the community. We don’t want to hurt the middle class in our community. We need more help, things should be simple but, they make things hard. We need to advance our community, advance our city for communication to bring jobs in our city.

What I said about Walgreens in the paper, it’s a scare tactic. We need good things here, what’s coming in our city? We have to have a city with a force unbeatable to not bring problems and rebuild the beauty of our city. Like I said before, it will all be the same and nothing different. You have to make an improvement in our community and show people what you can do and not make things harder. Has anything been done yet? Like the roads they have been getting money, has anything been started? The Westside is horrible. The project and contracts should be open for the people. They should show better communication in what they’re doing. We need to take control of our city, there should be changes and somehow we have to make a difference. Measure T and now Measure E $3.2 million?

It seems like it’s a little too late. Actions speak louder than words. For example we need to make corrections and help the future of our kids and focus on the problems we have now like obesity in our children, this is how you solve it, by making programs for our kids to eat healthier and make healthier choices at home also not just at school. Watch the sugar content. The better you eat the better you will be. If anyone has questions please feel free to contact me [email protected]

Keith Snow, Hollister

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