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To say that Penny Wise Drugs is just another drugstore is like saying the San Juan Mission is just another church.
February, 1948 – Hollister was incorporated just 80 years before. San Benito Street is lined with rather somber colored vehicles with an occasional running board and maroon-colored automobile popping up for interest.
The average cost of new house in Hollister is $7,700. – Average wages per year: $2,950.00;  Cost of a gallon of Gas: 16 cents; – Average cost of a new car that would hold that gasoline is $1,250.                            
Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts is in full swing, foreshadowing today’s American Idol.
Cigarette Brands sponsored our news and our sitcoms. Edward R. Murrow, hosting the CBS Nightly News in 1948, reportedly smoked 60-65 Camels per day. He succumbs to lung cancer at the age of 57 years.
The first day in February of 1948, the Rosati family began a legacy that they would not fathom until they were called to reflect upon their lives of service to San Benito County.
And, indeed, a lifetime of service it has been – 65 years, representing three generations of care.
Just as the Rosati family kept up with our families, we kept up with their family members: Steve and Betty, Jeanne and Joan; Marie the family Matriarch …
Steve would reach out into the county, addressing political and environmental issues – knowing well that sound health involved the whole person.
Walking up and down the exquisitely displayed aisles, the Rosatis’ recognition of the needs of people throughout their life’s journey becomes ever so clear.
• The iconic pharmacy setting – whose dedicated prescription services formed a highly regarded partnership with the professional community.
n Jewelry and scarves which would adorn us during decades of events. That exotic fragrance which would uplift our spirits, and possibly anniversaries, holy communions, a wedding and birthday, a Quinceañera . . .
• Aisles which have supported us in our time of sorrow – with comforting inspirations and that soft-lilting music.
This is the Rosati legacy: advocates for their community, their customers, providing the guidance and care.
Caring for us enough to challenge us to think about our lives and the lives of our families and friends.
Not just a Drug Store, you see! – an era – one that ended Jan. 12 – one which we need to support as the final sale is taking place – one, whose family members need to hear from each as every one of us.
Joan Sattler, Hollister

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