Letter: Lots to love in this great hometown


I love Hollister. It’s a great place to live. We have open space, a historic downtown, not far from beaches, wonderful wine trails, caring community organizations, wonderful churches, schools with hardworking teachers, a great police department. I could go on and on.
Property values in San Jose and nearby communities such as Saratoga and Los Gatos are immensely higher. Why people pay so much more to live in congestive quagmires is remarkable. The only significant advantage San Jose has to us is proximity to jobs. If it wasn’t for that, I think people may pay more to live here.
Measure P is an investment that will pay dividends for us all. For too long we have relied on substandard roads and highways such as Highway 25 to continue our nondescript, bedroom community ways.
For us to lower our collective carbon footprint and transition to a community more self-sufficient with its own identity, we need sensible growth in conjunction with new industry and business. Business is not interested in investing in a community with crummy roads.
Without RDA subsidy, raising impact fees makes it extremely difficult for workforce housing projects to pencil out. Affordable, AKA multi-unit, workforce housing is the type of development lacking in our community that we so desperately need. Also, with advancement of energy saving motor vehicle technology, we can no longer rely on dwindling gas tax revenue.
We all have a vested interest in serviceable roads and highways. Considering all San Benito County has to offer, it is worth our commitment to support Measure P and take part in improving the safety and well-being of our region.
David Huboi, Hollister


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