Re: Free Lance 8/18/23

I am trying to understand the mayor of Hollister. This regards the reporter’s interview with Council member Resendiz and Mayor Casey. With a great deal of concentration I am considering the facts. It seems that what is said reveals the authentic problem.

For instance, Councilman Resendiz clearly articulates that the sewer costs will be on the backs of the taxpayers. There is no argument there. Impact fees paid by the developer are supposed to pay for water and sewer hookups but subsequent sewer maintenance and repair will be assessed to taxpayers including replacement of 1000-year-old lines.

The mayor’s turn to respond has me waiting for solid information on just what entity will pay for pressing maintenance repair and replacement. Instead she changes the subject. She trivializes those opposed by saying these people are misled by politicians. Since she is a politician, I am wondering if she includes herself.  

People who live here say that our roads no longer serve those current residents as commute time to go to work, shop or play has doubled and tripled. That is a fact and not misleading anyone. Sewer hookups support current and future growth. That is another fact.

The mayor’s other response blames environmentalists to whom she disdains to listen. 

Environmentalists advise managed use of water as living in California we survive by managing drought situations. Snowfall, river flow and underground water tables are thoroughly managed. Too rapid growth disturbs proper management. Managing sewer inflow and outflow is water management. Does the mayor consider these facts misleading the public ?? If she does, it seems that she is the one misled.

Perhaps the mayor’s refusal to listen causes a “raucous” mood during her meeting. The mayor’s and council members’ behavior other than Resendiz, are the very people she decries as misled by politicians and environmentalists. It seems that she misunderstands the whole situation.

Mary Zanger


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