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Is anyone else getting sick and tired of these club cards at all the stores? Club cards that you have to swipe every time you go through the register in order to get the sale price. Club cards that you have to give your personal information so that you can be bombarded with not only emails from the stores themselves, but any and all of the companies they sell your names and personal information to. Oh yes, they all say WE don’t sell your personal information or your email address! Yet every time you sign up for one of these club cards you get bombarded with emails from companies that you’ve never heard of or purchased anything from. NOT buying it!
Why can’t they just give everyone the sale price? Why can’t they just have low prices in the first place? Then they wouldn’t have to spend all that money advertising the sale price. They wouldn’t have to make up and have their employees put those little tags on the shelves every other day. Makes you not even want to go to the stores at all!  
Thanks for letting me blow off steam!  
Dawn Eason, Hollister

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