Supporting the RDA as state considers cut

Dear Editor,

Governor Brown’s proposal to abolish redevelopment agencies is nothing short of economic disaster waiting to happen. He spins this measure as a way to divert tax revenue to our schools. Certainly, few would disagree that schools could use some additional funding, however, consider the priorities; before you can put your kid through school, you need food on the dinner table, you need a roof over your head and you need a job. Jobs are just one issue at stake here.

Over the years Huboi Architecture has worked with the RDA on several projects; the Veterans building renovation, The YMCA tenant improvements, the Dunne Park clubhouse upgrade, the Honda Powerhouse renovation and Gateway Palms apartments are some examples. Each of these projects involved local contractors and suppliers such as Marcus Building Systems, Milgard Windows, Don Chapin, Benchmark Steel and Enterprise Electric just to name a few. An active, local construction base is what fuels our local economy.

I will never forget talking to many out of work contractors and tradesmen when I ran for office. I engaged in some long conversations, felt the frustration and in some cases resignation of hope. Some would ask if I could do anything to stimulate some activity for prospect of work. Well that was two years ago and things have gotten much worse since. A further reduction of jobs is like a low blow to the gut with dismal prospect of recovery.

Also, consider the importance of the redevelopment agency when it comes to preserving older neighborhoods and buildings. If it wasn’t for the RDA, the Veterans building would either be boarded up or a memory courtesy of the wrecking ball. If we lose the RDA we also say goodbye to the neighborhood stabilization program. You may have to walk your kid to school past neighborhoods fallen into disrepair, marked by foreclosed homes, overgrown weeds, broken glass, graffiti and decay.

Let us stand united and tell the State enough is enough and that we care too much for Hollister to allow you to make us a scapegoat for your mistakes. I urge your support to let our legislators know that this proposal is short sided, counter productive and wrong for our community.

David Huboi, Hollister

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