As I drive through our fine city I’m reminded of all the promises our fine politicians have made in the past and all of the promises they are making now. Who do we vote for and what do we vote for? Decisions, decisions. But at this point one race that will be my focus point will be the mayor’s race. In one hand I have Ignacio Velazquez who has been part of Hollister as well as a supporter of my youth programs for some years. But after having a meeting with our mayor and chief of police about two months ago I was reminded of how politics work. Ignacio’s constant reminder of his five-year plan for the city and how it would be good for the community was just not what I wanted to hear. Sorry, I don’t have five years to sit around and watch more of our kids in our community die of gang-related B.S. or young girls becoming young mothers or your youth getting addicted to drugs for a lack of things to do. You may say there are things to do for our kids but do they have the money to pay for those things to do? And is the solution extending a skateboard park where the chief himself has said to have caught drug dealers there? Or building more houses to bring yet more crime to our community? And in the other hand we have Keith Snow who is also a part of our community as well as a supporter of our youth programs, after asking Ignacio for a solution for all the dumpings that are going on at the Bull Dog Boxing Gym and not having one. Keith has put together a solution that has been working at no cost to our program or the city. Keith has also continued to support all the programs we have in place as well as being a part of any meetings our programs may have. I believe Keith has the right plans as well as the time to dedicate to our growing little city of Hollister. So as you drive around and notice all the signs and think about who or what to vote for, remember that as our city grows and changes so too does our city need a change for the betterment of our community. My support will be for Keith Snow for mayor.
Zeke Lopez, Hollister

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