Investigate Botelho, Strada Verde

I am very concerned by recent reports that former Supervisor Anthony Botelho was caught pulling down signs alerting citizens to the negative impact of the proposed Strada Verde development. I understand that there have been no charges against him for those actions. 

I’m requesting that you please follow up and investigate this concern. Although many, many citizens in Hollister and San Benito County oppose Strada Verde, it appears our local supervisors care more about developers than their own community. 

Sheri Benkosky


No one above the law

Former Supervisor Anthony Botelho was caught and confronted by the county sheriff for tearing down and taking signs from the Stop Strada Verde effort. 

The Sheriff and District Attorney are giving the former county supervisor special treatment. They are not pursuing any charges against Botelho even though he was caught red-handed, admitted to taking them, and didn’t regret his actions. 

This insults our community—not just those who oppose Strada Verde, but everyone who plays by the rules and follows the law. No one is above the law. We need the rest of the facts to come out about the sign stealing. But, make no mistake, the sign stealing is just the tip of the iceberg. 

The unscrupulous Strada Verde developers, certain county staff and the board of supervisors have been engaged in underhanded and misleading dealings to deceive the public for years. We must take action now to hold them accountable.

Angel Gonzalez


DA, sheriff enforce law selectively

I’m a lifelong San Benito County resident and a City Council Member for the City of San Juan Bautista. I am extremely concerned that the District Attorney and the County Sheriff have not charged Mr. Anthony Botelho of any crimes with his recent theft of political signs opposing his personal views.

I urge you to further investigate this matter. I have received numerous messages from my  constituents voicing their deep concerns and disgust with Mr. Botelho’s actions and inactions of the DA and Sheriff.

This theft of political signs can set a precedent for a “free for all” with the upcoming campaign season upon us. 

Why is a former elected official above the law of petty theft and possible vigilantism? He is video taped admitting to the theft under the guise of performing a public service!

I can no longer be silent about this behavior by a former county supervisor and selective law enforcement by the DA and Sheriff.

Jackie Morris-Lopez

San Juan Bautista, City Council member

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