The Hollister City Council voted unanimously on Dec. 4 to adopt a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict. The resolution comes as Hamas continues to hold hostages and Israel continues an air and ground war in Gaza after two months.

“The City of Hollister joins other cities in calling on our Congress Members to demand an immediate ceasefire to urgently end the current violence in Gaza and Israel,” read part of the resolution.

The war began after Hamas militants attacked military bases, residential areas and a music festival in southern Israel which left around 1,200 Israelis dead, according to Israel’s Foreign Ministry. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) responded with a massive aerial bombing campaign that has leveled large parts of Gaza and has killed at least 15,899 Palestinians, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

According to the United Nations, more than 1.8 million people in Gaza have been internally displaced as Israeli forces have ordered the civilian population to move towards the southern border with Egypt amidst the bombing.

A short-lived ceasefire ended after seven days on Dec. 1, when Hamas violated the terms of the agreement, according to the IDF. As the IDF continued its bombardment of Gaza, some cities in the U.S. have adopted resolutions calling on lawmakers to support a ceasefire. Detroit, Seattle and Atlanta have all adopted such resolutions. The City of Hollister joined the ranks of these bigger cities at the behest of community members, according to Mayor Mia Casey.

“The city council’s resolution was a response to community outcry and a desire to reaffirm the sanctity of life. It was not issued to take a side, but to urge a ceasefire,” Casey said.

Hollister is only the second city in the region to call for a ceasefire after the Oakland City Council voted to adopt a resolution on Nov. 27. That meeting was mired in controversy as top California politicians condemned a video circulated on social media in which some pro-Palestinian speakers refused to condemn Hamas.

Calls for a ceasefire are growing in the Bay Area as the city council meetings of San Francisco, San Jose, Berkeley and Hayward were descended on by residents this week calling for resolutions.

Hollister’s resolution will be sent to the offices of Assemblymember Robert Rivas, State Senator Anna Caballero, Governor Gavin Newsom, Representative Zoe Lofgren, Senator Laphonza Butler, Senator Alex Padilla and President Joe Biden in hopes they will also call for a ceasefire.

“The City of Hollister recognizes that all human life is precious and since October 7, 2023, armed violence has claimed the lives of and wounded thousands of individuals in Gaza and Israel and lives continue to be at imminent risk if a ceasefire is not achieved without delay,” said the resolution.

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