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July 24, 2021

Letters: Reader laments the idea of ‘Mission Accomplished’

Finally, “Mission accomplished” In Iraq? But what really was the mission and what did it accomplish? We were mislead into almost 9 years of war by President Bush and V.P. Cheney, who still tries to justify it. He said we would be greeted as liberators. However the end result seems to be resentment and hatred by much of the Muslim world towards the “liberators.” The war was prosecuted on the basis Iraq  had W. M. D. There is still no evidence any existed.
Sadam Hussein was little worse than any of the other brutal leaders across the middle East and North Africa, whose very existence (is) are being addressed by revolution in those countries currently, via the Arab Spring.
President Bush prematurely declared “Mission Accomplished” a few years ago, But the fighting went on in Iraq and Afghanistan. 4, 487 American troops have been killed and over 32,000 wounded. More than 100,000 Iraqi deaths occurred from this war and the Iraqi population still suffer from food, medical and power shortages.
There is instability and uncertainty in this part of the world and Iran’s influence now permeates the Shiite population here. Iran has made arms shipments through Syria and directly across the border into Iraq. Recent acts of terrorism such as suicide bombers have killed scores of people, increasing prospects of Civil War.
These wars will cost close to 2 trillion dollars, including medical treatment for lifetime and benefits to veterans, who valiantly carried out the mission. The question of what was “accomplished” is still in question. (These are the thoughts of a Korean War Veteran.)
Pat Ash, Hollister
Who are the 9 percent approving of our Congress?
Dear Editor,
Who are the 9 percent that approve of our Congress? It must include the 1 percent lead by the two Koch Brothers, corporate lobbyists, relatives and paid staffers. The rest of the 8 percent must be folks who are not paying attention. 2012 brings the American People an opportunity to elect a 60 percent approval Congress, one that works for America, fixing our crumbling school buildings, bridges, highways, water systems and other essential infrastructure. A Congress that balances our budget and pays down our debt by a fair and balanced approach that lets all Americans know, we are in this together. Together we will help ourselves and other Americans to a brighter 2013.
Frank Crosby, Morgan Hill

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