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August 18, 2022

Letters: Reopen schools; vaccine myths

Reopen schools now

The time for talking is over, THE SCHOOLS IN CALIFORNIA NEED TO BE REOPENED IMMEDIATELY! San Benito County has an interesting record in terms of schools. Many rural schools in San Benito County have been open for in person instruction since August, and have done very well keeping everyone healthy. 

In the fall, when we were in the red tier, Spring Grove school made the decision to open and has remained open ever since. San Andreas school reopened and the ECE did also. They closed for a while during the worst of the pandemic, but are trying to get reopened. San Benito High School and the Hollister School district did not reopen when they had the chance in the fall and remain closed for what will be almost a year. San Benito High School does have a few small groups on campus, but Hollister Unified has chosen not to have any in-person instruction. This week there were four bombshell reports released: 

1. California ranks 49 out of 50 states in terms of in-person instruction behind only Maryland, even Oregon and Washington have more kids in school for in-person instruction as California does. 

2. The Georgia public schools report, (remember how the media tried to crucify them this fall when they reopened), not one documented case of student to student or student to teacher transmission of the virus. 

3. Another study which had data from California districts which were open, from South Carolina, and from Europe—again, zero documented cases of student to student or student to teacher transfer of Covid-19. 

4. 155,000 students have left public schools in the state of California. The vast majority of these represent students whose parents put them in private schools for in person instruction, home-schooled them, or they moved out of state, including tens of thousands who left California so they could play high school sports. Our youngest daughter was accepted to a few schools and we would have done the same thing, but she was a senior and wanted to stay. One school she applied to has gone to in person instruction five days a week since the beginning of the school year with no masks and no cases of the virus. 

Forty-one states had in person instruction and high school sports this fall. Our schools should be open. There is zero scientific data indicating it’s dangerous to have in person learning, yet our two largest districts remain closed. 

The red tier is coming again for San Benito County. It may sound harsh but our enemies are in school. Their kids are being taught in person, they are playing sports while your kids are falling farther and farther behind everyday.

Randy Logue


Don’t believe the myths

We humans can be unpredictable concerning this unusual new vaccine. Some of us under 65 want to receive it and can’t while others over 65 can get it but do not want it. Worse, some believe myths like: it contains microchips, it uses baby tissue, it is too new, it is not 100 percent, or it will cause sickness.

Maybe the Star Ship Enterprise can help. Suppose Captain Kirk inspected ruins of a crashed ship and found only one alien barely alive. He took this alien aboard and flew away. This ungrateful alien caused some attending crew members to develop a new uniform. This strange new uniform alarmed the other crew members, especially Spock, who recognized something wrong and consulted Dr. McKoy.

McKoy discovered the alien dead, but Spock recognized the uniform development to be only a cover. Spock recommended a wait while the remaining crew developed an ability to strip off the offending uniform. Following the stripping, Spock congratulated the crew and assured them, saying, “We are now all stronger to resist an alien like that one.”

Now think that the Covid Vaccine is like the single disabled alien. The vaccine is a single half of one viral protein. Because it is the instruction half, it gives orders to make the other half. Spock would simplify the orders to message and call it mRNA. This one mRNA protein has power to command body cells to construct a shield like the alien directed. Then when the body recognizes the problem of alien shields, the body makes antibodies to eliminate the shield or virus, and by eliminating the shield the whole virus is gone.

The Covid Vaccine is no microchip. It contains simply a single protein. The mRNA cannot cause the disease. There is no fetal tissue or any tissue involved. It is over 94 percent effective in providing immunity to Covid-19, which is better than any previous vaccine, including the polio vaccine. This new technology is not really new, but has been in the research pipeline for decades.

Mary Zanger


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