Deputy Sheriff’s Association Has Ax to Grind Against Dias
Deputy Sheriff’s Association Has Ax to Grind Against Dias


Regarding the letter from Joe Silva, president of the San Benito County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (“Councilman Should Be Ashamed,” April 18):

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? There were a number of witnesses at the scene who will eventually be given the opportunity to give their statements, but it sounds to me like Mr. Silva is trying to sway public opinion in the event this goes to a jury.

In addition, the “peace officer” who claims to have been beaten up has a reputation amongst some of the citizens of San Juan and others for being overly aggressive. I believe the deputy sheriff’s association knows this and they are doing damage control with their letter to the editor asking for immediate action against Dias without hearing from any of the witnesses at the scene who tell a very different story.

By the way, the fire department was not trying to douse the flames as reported but was only just arriving as the incident took place. As Supervisor Anthony Botelho reported, they took 30 minutes to arrive on the scene while he and Brian Bettencourt kept the fire under control.

George Dias has a long history of community service and contributed thousands of unpaid hours trying to keep San Juan alive and an incorporated city. There are few who care as much about the little city as Vice Mayor Dias does.

He has been critical of the service provided by the sheriff’s office and rightly so. While meth use and labs flourish in San Juan and residents are routinely burglarized, officers assigned to serve and protect are busy intimidating restaurant and bar patrons.

Now they are out to disgrace Dias for his criticisms.

Donna Hagins

San Juan Bautista

If Confronted by a Shooter, Turn the Tables and Attack


The Virginia Tech shootings tell us there is only one way to handle people who shoot at you – attack them!

During the 9/11 attacks, on one airplane, the passengers attacked the hijacker, made the airplane hit the ground instead of an office building, and saved many lives.

Running away from a shooter only gives that person more time to shoot more people.

Paul Shanley


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