Promoter Explains Reasons New Set-up Was Better


These are just some of the reasons that the bikes will not be on San Benito Street anymore. These are the reasons why we changed the layout. The city does not want to go back and neither does law enforcement or Horse Power Promotions. Can you imagine all those people just on sidewalks? It helped cut down on traffic backups as floods of people were not tying up Fourth and San Benito streets.

1) Lose VIP income (all goes to nonprofits)

2) Vendor income down

3) Save money and time on fencing (more money for non-profits)

4) Event Insurance at least $10,000 less (more money for non-profits

5) Giant risk to all having vehicle movement inside of the event. No other California event has this

6) Law enforcement costs down and no need for 26 overpaid crossing guards (more money for nonprofits)

7) Vendors love the new layout

8) Room for more vendors

9) Easy to charge for parking this way (for non-profits)

10) More bike parking this way

11) This layout has access for emergency vehicles throughout and the old way had none

12) Easier to find and go back to vendors

13) Better for local shops

14) Sidewalk can not handle the traffic

15) Less money in generators ( more money for non-profits )

16) It is easier to layout this way and to understand

Hope this clears it up a little. The old way did not work. That is why it went away before.

Seth Doulton, Horse Power Promotions

Lack of Variety at Rally


I was a vendor at the Hollister 2007 “Rally.” We kept hearing the word “flea market” atmosphere a lot! Also, at least 80 percent of the vendors were selling T-shirts with two large companies dominating the rally in this area. Customers were disappointed with the lack of variety.

Rick Grassadonia, Road Rage Motorcycle Apparel

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