Loss of Measure R Will Cost
Loss of Measure R Will Cost


As a resident of this community, I’m disappointed that Measure R didn’t pass. A few years back the city experienced layoffs. Now that Measure R didn’t pass, the city is now faced with the possibility of additional layoffs, the elimination of the Recreation Department, further reduced hours in many departments, the closure of the restrooms at our parks, the elimination of youth programs at the Police Department and more.

So now what? Who will you complain to when your street needs to be repaired or when your street didn’t get swept or when your kids have no safe place to play because the parks are not taken care of, or when the gang violence gets worse, or when your child’s bike gets stolen or your house gets broken into and there’s no investigation done, or when your kids have no more Recreational basketball, swimming, tee-ball, etc.?

I think not voting yes for this tax measure is going to cost us a lot more than what the 1 percent sales tax increase for five years would have cost us.

And last, THUMBS DOWN to the Free Lance for not having the Voting results on their Web site this morning. By Thursday the results will be old news.

Renee Perales


(EDITOR’S NOTE – Election results printed in Wednesday’s edition and presented on the Web site will be the only results available for at least a week, we have been told.)

Measure R’s Loss Will Be Felt in Many Ways


Now that it appears Measure R has failed I hope the community will open up its eyes to what they voted down. In several columns in your newspaper the police chief has made it clear that the gang prevention and intervention task force will be cut, and the recreation department will be eliminated. It was also stated that restrooms at the city parks would no longer be open. I hope people can see the connection between these items. If there is no recreation program, and it is more difficult to take your children to the parks, and no gang prevention or intervention task force, what are the “at risk” youth going to do? If people thought that there were some out-of-control, troubled youth, what is there going to be in this scenario?

As a parent of four young children I am deeply concerned for the future of Hollister as a place to raise a family. The recreation department offers programs for all of the youth of Hollister. If we are left only with club sports for our children, the gap between those who can afford the programs and those who can’t will only grow wider. I hope we as a community, and our city government will do their best to put our youth at the top of the priority list.

Randy Logue


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